The Attraction Of Video Games And How You Can Buy Cheaper Ones Online

More and more people have become fond of playing video games. Moreover, lots of them have taken to buying their own consoles. There are even those hard-core gamers who collect every kind of gaming console possible. The surprising thing about this is that it’s not just teenagers or young adults that have gotten hooked. You can also see plenty of middle-aged adults and even those nearing their retirement ages getting addicted to them. It’s not such a surprise though. These games are becoming more and more realistic. There are so many genres to choose from. Plus, the graphics and sounds are very engaging.

The only downside to these games is that some of them can be pretty expensive. It’s especially true with the popular ones or the rare editions. That’s not all. There are also those that get sold out the moment they hit the shelves. You have to wait for an agonizingly long period of time before they get restocked. Some even have to pre-order the games and pay a reservation fee. It’s fine if you have the budget for them, but what if you don’t? How will you be able to enjoy playing the good ones without burning a hole in your pocket? Here are some great tips on how you can!

First, use your online resources to the fullest. Do not underestimate the power of online shopping or the vastness of the virtual marketplace. Join game trading, selling or reselling sites and forums. These are one of the best sources of the latest and even rare games. Lots of gamers enjoy swapping their old games for newer conquests. It’s particularly the case if they have already played the game for a long period of time. There are dozens of these sites online so you’ll have a good shot at trading or actually buying the one you want at a lesser price.

Second, learn how to hunt for discount online video game retailers or used game sellers. A lot of them run personal blogs. But your best bet in finding them would be crawling the social media networking sites. Third, be on the lookout for free game downloads. Sure, a lot of them just allow you to download the trial version, but there are also those that offer the whole thing. You just have to be diligent in surfing the net for these sides and searching for the right codes. Last but not the least, start your own gaming blog and join gaming rings and circles for faster and cheaper trading.

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The Awesome Skylanders Lightcore Hex

Hex is a popular character from the Skylanders video game franchise. She was first introduced in the original video game, called Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure. Hex was brought back in the sequel called Skylanders Giants, in two versions: a regular Skylanders Hex figure and Lightcore Hex.

The character of Hex is supposed to be a powerful sorceress, and belongs to the Undead group of figures. The version of her from the first Skylanders game is known as Series 1 Hex. She has a ghostly appearance, with a blue complexion, white eyes and long black robes. Series 1 Hex holds a skull in her hand. The base of the toy is decorated with a skull, which identifies her as an Undead figure. The bottom of the base has a layer of green plastic. This identifies her as being a Series 1 figure.

Hex returns in the Skylanders Giants game, as a Series 2 figure. This version of Hex has a slightly different pose. This time Skylanders Hex is holding a large clear blue globe high in the air, and she has swirls of blue around her. Hex’s outfit is still the black robes, and her face and hair look the same as the Series 1 figure. The base of the figure is still decorated with a skull, but this time the plastic at the bottom of the base is orange, identifying her as a Series 2 figure.

In the Giants game there is also a Lightcore Hex. Lightcore technology is an awesome new addition to the Skylanders Giants game. Lightcore figures light up when put on or near the Portal Of Power. All eight of the actual Giants in the game have the Lightcore feature, as do eight regularly sized figures. Each of the Lightcore figures has a different colour glow, chosen especially to enhance each figure. Lightcore Hex has a slightly different pose to either the Series 1 or Series 2 Hex. She is pointing with one hand and holding a small white globe in the other. Beneath her black robes you can see a red dress. I imagine that her dress will glow red when she is put on the Portal of Power, as screen shots I have seen of Lightcore Hex, look like her dress glows.

When Skylanders Giants launched, the regular series 2 Hex was available from the beginning. However, Lightcore Hex still has not been released. We suspect that it will not be long however, before she starts to appear on store shelves, and we can’t wait. There’s something about her gothic appearance and mysterious charm, that has made Skylanders Hex one of my favourite characters. I think Lightcore Hex is sure to look awesome. We shall wait and see.

Gold Skylanders The Rare Collectables

Gold Skylanders figures are some of the rarest Skylanders toys out there. Such is the demand for these metallic figures, that people have been paying vast amounts of money for them, in order to complete their collections. Gold Skylanders first appeared in the original Skylanders game, known as Spyro’s Adventure. There are three gold figures from this first game, and these are Chop Chop, Drill Sergeant and Flameslinger. These three figures are essentially the same as their regular versions, except that they are painted gold. Even the base of each figure is gold, the only coloured part being the green plastic at the bottom of the base. It is important to understand that even thought these gold toys look very different to the original versions, they look exactly the same as regular figures in the game. They play the same as the regular Skylanders and have the same stats.

Gold Chop Chop seems to be the most popular of these three Skylanders. I have seen Gold Chop Chop’s advertised on Amazon for more than $200. It does seem incredible to me that people are willing to pay that much money for a toy that originally cost less than $10. Both Gold Flameslinger and Drill Segeant, also sell for large amounts of money. But exactly why are these gold Skylanders so expensive? Well, the main reason is that only a very limited number of these were ever produced. Gold Skylanders from Spyro’s Adventure appeared randomly on shelves next to their regular versions. Most of these rare toys were snapped up immediately, and very soon started appearing on eBay and Amazon for ten times their original price!

There is only one Gold Skylander that has been released for the Skylanders Giants game, the second in the franchise. This is a Series 2 version of Flameslinger. This figure is much more common, as it was distributed in a different way. This second Gold Flameslinger is an Amazon only exclusive, and there are many more of them out there. Consequently the price of this figure is much, much lower that the other gold figures. This gold Flameslinger can be identified as different, as his base is not gold. Instead, it is covered in orange flames.

There is one other Gold Skylander out there, but this one was never made for general release. The super rare Gold Prism Break figure was created as a special holiday gift for Toy’s For Bob employees. This exclusive limited edition figure looks awesome. It is a totally gold version of Lightcore Prism Break, and is decorated with white flocked material, to look like snow. This particular figure sells for vasts amounts of money on Amazon and eBay.